Health Rules And The Right Nutrition

Personal Training Corpus Christi - Training EquipmentThere is a saying that I always remember and one that I always teach to others, “You can always out eat your gym efforts.” On thing that is such a shame when it comes weight loss is that most people are able to follow a gym routine but they often ruin it by what they put into their mouths.

If there were ever one saying that explains why most people do not achieve their health and fitness goals it is, “It’s Your Diet Stupid.” If you aren’t achieving your goals, then the first thing that you need to look at is your diet. Diet is the number one thing when it comes to being healthy.

Even the ancients new the value that a good diet does for your health and nutrition. Hippocrates, the ancient philosopher and doctor, once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” You should take a similar approach today because it all really does stem from what you put in your mouth. One reason why we fail to eat right is that we see healthy eating as giving up the bad foods we love vs seeing healthy foods as giving us life, vitality and energy. It also just might be the so-called healthy foods that you eat.

I know that my diet changes have left me with more energy and satisfaction than I have ever had. It could be because I dowse almost every meal with ginger and cayenne pepper which light me on fire, that acts as a natural vasodilators which increase blood flows and because my healthy food is super yummy and I always feel satisfied without any guilt. Please compare your so-called healthy diet to mine! Mine is mostly plant based with a tiny bit of lean cuts of pastured meat.

Gyms Set Us Up To Fail!

Every gym owner will hate me for say this but gyms with juice bars, power shakes and energy bars are not helping their customers, only their wallets. Stay away from these products, you do not need them and they aren’t healthy. Even fresh juice or a smoothie aren’t the best things for someone who needs to lose weight. You should pretty much avoid liquid calories and stick to unprocessed whole foods. Follow good health and nutrition is as much about what you don’t put in your body than what you do.

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These are some simply rules but they are far from easy to stick with. Most of use fail and that is why we need a base diet that protects us from our wagon falls so that we can easily get back up for another health ride. Once you have a healthy diet that you can enjoy, that natural fights off fatness, that is easy to stick to, then you will see that it is pretty much easy sailing from there on out. It takes a bunch of trial and error but that is one of the best ways to learn what is right for you.